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Specialty Products and Services

“Legacy Bank deposit boxes make me feel safer.”

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Additional Financial Services

At Legacy Bank we strive to make your banking life easier.  Including our specialty services as a part of your account privileges gives you financial peace of mind.  From coin deposits and safety deposit boxes to wire services and cashier’s checks—and more—Legacy Bank Customer Service Representatives are here to assist you in accomplishing your goals and objectives.

Cashier Checks and Money Orders

When it comes to sending money through the mail, we all think twice.  Cashier's checks and money orders give you the spending power of cash with safety and protection. 

Cashier's checks allow you to safely exchange money where personal checks are not accepted because they are drawn on the bank's personal funds, not yours. The check is recognized as guaranteed funds and can be written for any amount. Legacy Bank requires you to have a Legacy Bank account before a cashier’s check can be authorized on your behalf. 

Money Orders offer similar attributes but are signed by the individual in an amount less than $1,000. Most institutions don't consider them guaranteed funds.  Visit with a Legacy Bank Customer Service Representative to determine what choice is right for you.

Safe Deposit Boxes

The question everyone asks themselves at one point is, “Are my most personal information and prized possessions as safe as they can be?” Even those who have home fire-proof safes question whether their valuables are safe enough.  Safe deposit boxes at Legacy Bank aim to help with these types of questions. What to include and what not to include provide the best outline for whether you would benefit from a Legacy Bank safe deposit box.

You should rent a safe deposit box to store documents that are nearly impossible to replace.  Only you know the contents of your box and Legacy Bank's secure safe deposit boxes are kept protected from fire, water, or theft. Insurance companies will sometimes offer lower premiums just for storing your valuables in a safe deposit box. *Contents are not FDIC insured.

Items to Consider Including: 

  • Originals of your insurance policies
  • Family records, such as marriage, birth, and death certificates
  • Original deeds, titles, mortgages, leases and other contracts
  • Stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Special jewels, medals, rare stamps and other collectibles
  • Negatives for irreplaceable photos 
  • Videos or pictures of your home's contents for insurance purposes (in case of theft or damage)

Items Not to Include: 

  • Anything you might need in an emergency, in case your bank is closed for the night, the weekend or a holiday
  • Originals of a power of attorney
  • Passports (in case of an emergency trip) 
  • Medical-care directives if you become ill and incapacitated 
  • Funeral or burial instructions 
  • Will

Attorneys or relatives may be a consideration for faster, easier access for emergency documents that might be needed at any time of the week. Consider a reasonably-priced, secure and private Legacy Bank safe deposit box for other valuables that may not fall into either of the above categories.  Call your local branch concerning availability and selection. 

Wire Services

When someone you love needs money now, Legacy Bank customers can use our wire services to help. Safe and fast, Legacy wire services transfer funds in an expedient manner and allow the recipient to receive immediate credit for the funds anywhere in the US.  These types of transactions are used heavily in real estate dealings or by relatives separated by a great distance. A non-refundable transfer fee is applied.  Please contact your local Legacy Bank to obtain the incoming wiring instructions.

  • Funds Availability:
    • International cut off time is 2:00 pm
    • Domestic is 3:30 pm