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Why Personal Banking...

“I had all the luxuries of a big bank, yet I was in and out quickly for my daily banking needs and always greeted by someone who knew my name and was genuinely happy to see me.”

*You will leave our site and be directed to our secure online banking portal.

Quick and Easy

Legacy Bank offers industry-leading checking solutions that keep your money easily accessible.    All forms are online and downloadable, minimizing your need to allot more of your daily schedule to your banking needs.  These forms are located throughout the website or you can click here to quickly and easily download our forms.

With prepared forms, Legacy Bank will have you in and out quickly!  Have more time?  Hang out and enjoy the simple process of banking with us.  Your personal visit lets us thank you for your business while you get to know your personal banker.

Cross-Trained Banking Staff

Being focused on customers' needs, we recognize that anytime you walk into Legacy Bank we should be standing ready to serve you.  Our culture of in-depth cross training turns a customer service representative into a personal banker.  

That knowledge empowers Legacy Bank's staff to be a more powerful resource and outstanding adviser on the products and services that best serve you. In brief, it means shorter lines, less bouncing from department to department, and more time focused on meeting your needs.

Local Funding  

Legacy Bank is visibly making a difference in our community every day. Because we believe being there for you matters, the Legacy Bank staff remains active in our community, watching daily for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our citizens.  

Legacy Bank ensures we use our financial strength to locally fund projects and innovations that improve your daily life.  From family-run corporations to homegrown entrepreneurs, our bank's expert focus is on maintaining and developing the communities in which we serve. We want our residents to be confident that we are rooted in the people and causes they care about.


Nothing is more powerful than the bond of the human relationship. Legacy Bank works diligently to constantly improve our banking processes to offer you a stronger personalized banking experience.  

We focus on knowing our clients. At Legacy Bank, fostering strong, rewarding relationships is the essence of who we are.  Legacy Bank has built a reputation anchored in secure and reliable financial transactions that protect your most valuable financial resources. 


When Legacy Bank says Free Checking, we truly offer free checking.  We stand by our word and don't hide behind complex jargon or waived fees in exchange for packaged accounts.   We want to help you manage your busy financial schedule while minimizing any fees.

At Legacy Bank what you see is what you get, plain and simple, effective and proven. 


Legacy Bank's people are our competitive advantage on both sides of the desk. At Legacy Bank we believe in building value by including services other banks do not offer with personal accounts.  Research, wire transactions, and phone calls to other agencies are all available, in an effort to be the best banking partner we can be.

By not being a company set in stone or a company controlled by the movements of large financial banks, Legacy Bank maintains a philosophy of leadership focused on building enduring client connections that will be passed on through the generations.