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Who We Are

“Purpose is why I work here. Legacies are what I build."

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At Legacy Bank we are in the wealth business, finding ways to constantly improve your financial position and enhance your lifestyle. We work to empower you with the tools necessary to help you save smartly, invest wisely, and establish credit that works for you, not against you. 

We want to help you create the road to wealth by giving you open access to bank leadership that is engaging and thought provoking, respectful and knowledgeable.  Together we create a legacy of financial success for you and your family that also helps us build community.

Our fast-growing, privately-held community bank stays focused on operational excellence. We have skyrocketing client satisfaction because we hold ourselves personally accountable for your experience with our banking personnel. Colorado-based and rooted in family history, Legacy Bank's high standard of business practices spans over 11 decades and 3 generations.

Legacy Bank is benchmarked with capital strength and a breadth of capabilities. From inception, we have been fueled with purpose, and a desire to make a positive impact on local residents. We maintain a master focus of creating a thriving economy in the communities we serve.

Look into many local businesses and you will find Legacy Bank is woven into the fabric of their histories.  Look into many local residents' family histories and you will find we were not only their family bank for generations but we were their partner on the baseball fields their children played on, the cheerleader for the causes that had meaning in their lives, and the ones who they trusted to be partner to their children, and grandchildren as they became adults.

Legacy Bank understands character enough to build our entire company around it. Our goal is strong numerous relationships that feed economic growth for the communities we serve daily.  Banking – it's personal, and most corporate banking partners just don't get it.  It's relationship-based, not transaction-based.  We invest in you – in human capital: the thinkers, the creators, the builders that rocket us into future generations.