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Local Business Reaches International Acclaim

Luke Gradishar & Jamie Arguello

“Adaptability. It’s a concept that seems so simple yet to get it right a business must embrace change while holding fast to their vision of the future. For 76 years, our family-owned and operated business has been blessed with team members that can do just that, adapt. The commercial kitchen design and build industry are highly competitive by virtue of passionate, driven individuals who aren’t afraid of course correction and change, face fear taking small steps towards progress leading our Pueblo founded company to international levels of success.

Grady's is among the top 50 largest dealers in the world for Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, providing custom kitchen design and implementation serving everyone from the discerning home chef to large institutional facilities including military bases. It’s Pueblo's unique toughness and courage that drives every team member of the Gradys family to accomplish business milestones in an inspirational manner.

Gradys was just a concept until Legacy Bank took a risk on our families' dreams. When no one believed, Legacy Bank did. They became a tremendous partner. Legacy Bank was key to realizing our dreams and are the wind at our back as we soar towards exponential growth and further achievements.” Jamie Arguello

Gradys Foodservice, Equipment & Supplies
170 Greenhorn Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81004