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Debit Chip Cards

“My chip card was as easy to use as a traditional debit card, yet safe.”

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Legacy Bank is proud to be a leader in card protection.  Chip cards have been used all around the world and have proven to offer the high level of card protection available in the market today.  Even better, chip cards can be used just like standard cards everywhere you already shop.  

To use your chip card:

Option A – Slide the magnetic strip through the merchant machine like you always have. Or

Option B – If using a merchant machine made for chip cards

About the New Chip Cards

New technology is allowing Legacy Bank to give you the highest level of security protection when you shop. Your security is Legacy Bank's focus.  With improved technology like chip cards, Legacy Bank is reducing fraud and protecting your financial positioning.  Stronger protection plus more buying power – that's Legacy Bank working for you.

What is a chip card?

  • Chip cards are just like normal cards
  • They can be used anywhere a card would be accepted by using the magnetic strip on the back of the card.
  • Chip cards contain an encrypted chip to make copying the card or counterfeiting the card very difficult.

Why should I use chip card technology?

  • The chip card is a high security way of making card purchases.
  • The chip inside the card makes counterfeiting extremely difficult.

Why am I being upgraded to the chip card?

  • Chip cards are being used internationally.
  • Chip cards give your debit card purchases the highest level of security.

How does the chip card differ over the standard magnetic strip card?

Chip cards and magnetic cards look alike and can be used at any terminal by swiping the magnetic strip in the back.

As terminals are upgraded across the country, rather than swiping your card you will insert your card into the terminal to complete a transaction.  When the transaction is complete you will be asked to remove your card.

How does chip technology work?

Chips inside the card communicate with the terminal to determine authenticity.

Depending on your security preferences and that of the terminal in use, you may be asked for PIN number or  signature to complete the transaction.

Are chip cards new?

Although new to the US, chip cards are used widely throughout the globe to reduce card fraud.

Where can I use my chip card?

Chip cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. Whether you shop online, thru mail order, by telephone orders, pay at the pump, ATMs, or just standard retail locations your chip card is accepted like a standard card.

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